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Natural Massage Stone Slippers
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Natural Massage Stone Slippers

Make You Feel Comfortable And Refreshed.
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Natural Stone Slippers are made of wholesome natural stones according to the foot massage theory of the traditional Chinese medicine. Sole massage is a health-care therapy. It is recorded in the books on traditional Chinese medicine theories that feet are the second heart of the human body, gathering the acu-points related to all organs of the body. Stimulating the soles appropriately can promote blood circulation and improve metabolism. Keep on with it and you will find it will enable you a health life, less diseases and skin care.  
 Stones contain various wholesome microelements. Different colors of stones contain different wholesome elements.Specially,the black stone with magnetic. Absorbing the elements well is good to the human body health. Stamping on smooth stones greatly helps to dredge the qi and blood circulation for the human body. Stamping on stones with your bare feet enables the human body to contact the nature directly to facilitate static release, so as to make you feel comfortable and refreshed.
  •  It can promote blood circulation and improve immunity.
  •  It can enhance resistance and restore normal physiological functions of the human body. 
  •  It can relieve tension and promote a good sleep.
  •  It can relax and activate the tendons and meridian and relax nerves and muscle to relieve fatigue.

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