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Leg Master

Simple but Ultimate exercise equipment that works on hundred of muscles in the lower body.
For Slim & Toned Legs
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Most effective leg exercises!


Join the millions of women worldwide who have improved their fitness and streamlined their shape with the help of Leg Master.

You too can have a slimmer figure, toned body and great looking legs. Visible results in just days! Renowned internationally for delivering visible results in days, Leg Master has been specially designed with the leg muscles in mind. Its unique lateral gliding motion works with gravity to tone the muscles that squats and leg presses simply can't touch. In just a fraction of the time it takes for other workouts - just 60 seconds, a few times a day - you can achieve amazing results in days!




Customer reviews:

Review by Trishna from Delhi

I've always been quite slim except for my thighs and hips. I've tried all sorts of exercise but could never reduce the size of my hips and thighs. This actually works! I do 200 repetitions twice and days, which only takes me a couple of minutes - and I can do it in my dressing gown without the need to shower afterwords! I've can see a notable difference and my jeans/trousers feel looser. Love it! Highly recommend.


Review by Raksha from Pune

I use my leg master everyday when i get home from work, i have increased my reps on a daily basis and have really started to see the difference in my legs, when i put weight on the first place it goes to is my hips and thighs, but the leg master has started to solve this problem, i cannot see myself getting bored with this either as its so easy to use and i use mine after finishing a 10 hour night shift everyday, now all i have to do is find something that tones my mid-drift as effective as the legmaster, it is definitely worth the money, FANTASTIC piece of kit.

How It Works?

For a slimmer figure, great looking legs and toned muscles, you really cannot go past the Leg Master. By working the buttocks and thighs in a simple, yet effective action, this product has been used by millions of people, both men and women, around the world to successfully lose weight and improve their appearance. The great thing about our unique machine is that it does not require a lot of time to use. If you have a busy schedule, and are searching for a way to exercise and keep fit that does not eat up a lot of your day, the Leg Master produces some of the most effective leg exercises that you will ever see, even from other so-called "best" home fitness devices. The reason why our exercise machine works so well is that it moves your legs in an outward motion, working out muscles everywhere from the inner thigh to the outer buttocks. In fact as you sweep your legs in and out, you will use over 200 individual muscles. That really should be all the proof that you need to gain confidence in the physical effects gained from using the Leg Master on a regular, daily basis.

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